“I’ve known Derek for a long time, and he is the trusted conservative Kansans need in the Governor’s Office. When you look at his record as Attorney General, you see a leader who has always fought for the most vulnerable and always stood up to do the right thing. I’m honored to support Derek for Governor.”

Mike Pompeo – 70th U.S. Secretary of State

“Like myself, Attorney General Derek Schmidt has made it his goal to put the needs of Kansans first and to make a positive difference for our state. He’s a strong Republican, and he has what it takes to win and to lead with common sense and decency.”

Bob Dole – Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader

“In the 25 years I’ve known Derek Schmidt, I’ve watched and admired his strong and steady leadership. Derek understands rural America and Kansas agriculture. He is an experienced and trusted leader, and is a proven winner.”

Pat Roberts – Former Chairman of U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture & U.S. House Committee on Agriculture 



U.S. Secretary of State
  • Mike Pompeo – 70th U.S. Secretary of State
    • “I’ve known Derek for a long time, and he is the trusted conservative Kansans need in the Governor’s Office. When you look at his record as Attorney General, you see a leader who has always fought for the most vulnerable and always stood up to do the right thing. I’m honored to support Derek for Governor.”
The United States Senate
  • Bob Dole – Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader
    • “Like myself, Attorney General Derek Schmidt has made it his goal to put the needs of Kansans first and to make a positive difference for our state. He’s a strong Republican, and he has what it takes to win and to lead with common sense and decency.”
  • Pat Roberts – Former Chairman of U.S. Senate Committee on Agriculture & U.S. House Committee on Agriculture 
    • “In the 25 years I’ve known Derek Schmidt, I’ve watched and admired his strong and steady leadership. Derek understands rural America and Kansas agriculture. He is an experienced and trusted leader, and is a proven winner.”
  • Dr. Roger Marshall – U.S. Senator, Kansas
    • “Attorney General Derek Schmidt will be the man for the job and he has our full and complete endorsement and support.”
The United States House of Representatives
  • U.S. Representatives Tracey Mann (KS-01), Jake LaTurner (KS-02), and Ron Estes (KS-04)
    • “The Sunflower State needs Derek Schmidt – a proven leader who has successfully fought for Kansas values in court and held liberal administrations in Washington accountable for their gross overreach. He’s rightfully earned the support of law enforcement, pro-life advocates and everyday citizens across Kansas.”
  • Kevin Yoder – Former Congressman (KS-03)
    • “I’m proud to endorse Derek Schmidt as the next Governor of the State of Kansas. I watched Derek’s strong leadership when we served together in the State Legislature and have admired his courage as our state’s Attorney General. He is a principled and compassionate leader who cares about the people of Kansas and will get up each day and fight for every one of us.”
  • Dr. Jeff Colyer – Former governor of Kansas
    • “Kansas has felt the pain of nearly three years of Governor Kelly’s leadership. Now it’s time for Republicans to come together, rally around Derek Schmidt, and reclaim Cedar Crest.”
Kansas Senate
  • Ty Masterson – Kansas Senate President
    • “As Attorney General, Derek Schmidt has consistently defended conservative principles and has been a tireless advocate for the rule of law. As Governor, I trust he will continue to fight for our freedoms and put Kansans first, and that’s why I am endorsing him today.”
  • Larry Alley – Kansas Senate Majority Leader
    • “We need a governor who will work with our state’s legislature to get things done for Kansans. Derek Schmidt is the perfect choice for the job because he is a trusted conservative leader who has a proven track record.”
  • Rick Wilborn – Kansas Senate Vice President
    • “I’ve known Derek since before I began serving in the Kansas Legislature. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s always been a reliable leader who will get the job done for Kansas families.”
  • Jeff Longbine – Vice President of the Senate
    • “”Derek Schmidt is thoughtful, reasonable, deliberative, and always makes the right decision for Kansas. He has my full support, and I would encourage all Kansans to join me in helping make sure Derek is sworn in as governor in 2023 to get our state back on track.”
  • Molly Baumgardner – Chair, Senate Committee on Education
    • “Derek Schmidt has the experience and the conservative values to lead Kansas as our governor. He is a proven fighter, and is ready to stand up to Laura Kelly and defend our freedoms and our way of life.”
  • Elaine Bowers –  Chair, Senate Committee on Transparency and Ethics
    • “We need Derek’s strong leadership in the governor’s office. He’s a tough and tested public servant who has put the needs of Kansans above all else his entire career.”
  • Dan Kerschen – Chair, Senate Agriculture Committee
    • “While Laura Kelly has been too busy selling out to coastal elite special interests to care about Kansas agriculture producers, we’ve been struggling. We need a Governor like Derek Schmidt who really understands that agriculture is the backbone of our state.”
  • Mike Petersen – Chair, Senate Transportation Committee
    • “I have worked with Derek Schmidt as a senator and Attorney General and I’m confident he will have the best interest of Kansas at the forefront of his mind every day. He has my full support for governor.”
  • Rick Kloos – Kansas State Senator
    • “Derek is committed to seeing Kansas grow and prosper with his common-sense approach during these difficult times. Derek is personable, relatable, and does what’s right for the people. He is exactly what this state needs moving forward.”
  • Virgil PeckKansas State Senator
    • “As governor, Derek Schmidt will serve as our last line of defense in keeping liberal policies out of Kansas – He’ll fight illegal immigration by supporting the rule of law. If you’re with me, and you’re ready to stand up for a safer, more prosperous Kansas, please join me in supporting Derek for governor.”
  • Beverly Gossage – Kansas State Senator
    • “As a concerned citizen and policy advisor, I worked with Attorney General Derek Schmidt on health care related issues and litigation for over a decade. He protects liberty and recognizes that often more government is the problem and not the solution.”
  • Kristen O’Shea – Kansas State Senator
    • “Derek Schmidt is the Governor we need leading our state. He is reasonable, meaning he understands the everyday lives of Kansans.”
Kansas House of Representatives
  • Ron Ryckman – Kansas House Speaker
    • “As Speaker of the House for the past five years, I’ve worked closely with every single major candidate for governor. To me, the choice is crystal clear: Derek Schmidt is the best possible choice to bring strong leadership and real Kansas values back to Topeka.”
  • Dan Hawkins – Kansas House Majority Leader
    • “During my time in the Legislature, Derek Schmidt has consistently led the charge in fighting for Kansas values and individual liberties. Whether it was standing up to the overreach of the Obama administration at the United States Supreme Court or working with the Kansas Legislature to hold Governor Kelly accountable to the law throughout her failed pandemic response, Derek has been the leader we’ve needed. Now is the time for all Republicans to rally behind Derek and defeat Laura Kelly.”
  • Adam Smith – Chair, House Committee on Taxation
    • “I know Derek’s the right choice for Kansas because he’ll work for, not against, our hardworking families. He’s done it his entire career.”
  • Troy Waymaster – Chair, House Committee on Appropriations, and House Committee on Legislative Budget
    • “Derek is a proven leader who understands how to get things done. He will be a governor whose driving principle will be to ensure that YOU the taxpayer keep more of the money you worked hard to earn.”
  • Ken Rahjes – Chair, House Committee on Agriculture
    • “As Attorney General, Derek has already proven to Kansans that he’s up for the task. He has consistently risen to the occasion to defend the Sunflower State’s status as the greatest place to live, work, and raise a family.  “We need Derek Schmidt to lead the great state of Kansas.”
  • Jim Kelly – Chair, House Committee on Financial Institutions and Rural Development
    • “I am proud to endorse my friend Derek Schmidt for governor of Kansas. I’ve seen Derek’s ‘fighter spirit’ ever since I watched him debate in high school. He’ll bring that same tenacity to defending Kansas and our conservative values.”
  • Kristey Williams – Chair, House Committee on K-12 Education Budget
    • “I’ve worked with Derek firsthand on efforts in the Legislature to make our schools better for our children. I know where his priorities are focused, and that he will never stop fighting for our kids.”
  • Richard Proehl – Chair, House Committee on Transportation
    • “Derek Schmidt is exactly the kind of change we need to get things here in Kansas headed back in the right direction.”
  • Brenda Landwehr – Chair, House Committee on Health and Human Services
    • “Derek shares our conservative values and our preference for private sector health care solutions… As Governor, he will continue to promote smarter policies to ensure Kansans have access to affordable health care.”
  • Ron Highland – Chair, House Committee on Water
    • “Derek Schmidt is a true patriot and a great friend, and I know that he will make an excellent leader for our state. I’ve had the privilege of working with Derek as both Wabaunsee County GOP Chairman when he first ran for attorney general in 2010 and as a member of the Kansas House of Representatives since 2013.”
  • John Barker – Chair, House Federal and State Affairs Committee
    • “I support Derek Schmidt because he has the experience we need in Topeka. He’s a steady hand on the wheel, with a wealth of knowledge of what our state needs.”
  • Kyle Hoffman – Chair, Joint Committee on Information Technology
    • “Over the last several years, I’ve gotten to know Derek personally and professionally. He’s willing to listen and thoughtfully consider the issues. He understands rural Kansas.”
  • Fred Patton – Chair, Judiciary Committee
    • “Kansas needs a Governor who understands that principle, and one who will work together with the Legislature to protect our values, not trample on them. Derek is a true constitutional conservative who will do whatever it takes to preserve the liberties and freedoms of our great state and great nation.”
  • Kent Thompson – Chair, Local Government
    • “I’ve known Derek for decades and have worked closely with him as Allen County Commissioner and now as a State Representative and I have the utmost respect for him.”
  • Sean Tarwater – Chair, Labor and Economic Development, Unemployment Compensation Modernization and Improvement Council
    • “I have long been impressed with Derek’s performance as our AG. He always puts Kansas first, has impeccable work ethic, he is pro life, pro business, and he always looks after our school children. He is the obvious choice for the next Governor of the great state of Kansas.”
  • Will Carpenter – Chair, Social Services Budget
    • “As Attorney General, he’s done a particularly great job in combatting human trafficking in our state and has really been a strong leader in protecting the most vulnerable among us. He has my full support to be our next Governor.”
  • Barb Wasinger – Chair, Joint Committee on Administrative Rules and Regulations
    • “Derek Schmidt has served the State of Kansas with honor and is the best person for Governor. He works well on both sides of the aisle and can be trusted to lead Kansas forward. He is my choice for Governor of Kansas and I ask that he be your choice as well.”
  • Shannon Francis – Chair, Transportation and Public Safety Budget
    • “Derek is a proven public servant with Kansas values and Kansas common sense.  Growing up in Independence he understands the challenges and opportunities of our rural communities.  His experience in the Legislature and as Attorney General make him the best candidate to be our next Governor.  I am happy to support him.”
  • Steve Huebert – Chair, Education
    • “I’ve worked together alongside Derek Schmidt on the issue of civics education and I know firsthand he has a passion for teaching our children the importance of engaging in the political process. He will be a governor who ensures that Kansas schools teach about America as an exceptional nation founded to promote freedom and opportunity for all, and he’ll keep divisive ideologies like CRT out of our classrooms. I’m proud to support him and look forward to him being a great education governor for our kids.”
  • Brad Ralph – Chair, Joint Committee on Special Claims Against the State
    • “I’ve worked closely with Derek Schmidt on important issues in the Judiciary Committee and have always found him to be an excellent listener and someone who is thoughtful and intelligent. He is a strong leader and the right person to be our next Governor of Kansas, and he’s earned my full support and endorsement.”
  • Megan Lynn – Vice Chair, Social Services Budget
    • ““I am thrilled to endorse Derek Schmidt for Governor. He has shown the ability to lead Kansas with strength and determination focused on our future. Derek understands the values we hold dear, has the compassion to serve others, and has the knowledge and integrity needed to lead during challenging times.”
  • Emil Bergquist, Vice- Chair, Local Government
    • “Receiving testimony and material as a Judiciary Committee member made it crystal clear that he is a man of professionalism and a fierce protector of our state constitution. It’s not just what Derek does when he’s asked by our Legislature, but it’s also the things he does on his own accord to defend our rights that proves he is the right man for the job of Governor of Kansas. I’m proud to endorse him today.”
  • Leo Delperdang – Vice Chair, Transportation
    • “I’ve known Derek Schmidt since 2016. His overall depth of knowledge on all issues never ceases to amaze me. Throughout the pandemic, he has been fantastic in standing up to the governor on her overreaches, particularly when she attempted to close churches while keeping abortion clinics open. Derek put a stop to that, and he’s fought for our constitutional rights every step of the way. I’m proud to endorse him today.”
  • Stephen Owens – Vice Chair, Kansas Criminal Justice Reform Commission
    • ““It became evident early last year that Kansas needs a real Leader in Topeka. Derek Schmidt stepped up in a big way to protect our freedoms and it was then he earned my endorsement. It is past time for Kansas to be led by a Governor who respects Kansas Conservative values and is willing to stand up to the current Federal administration. It is truly my pleasure to endorse Derek Schmidt for Governor.”
  • Eric Smith – Vice-chair Joint Committee on Kansas Security and Agriculture
    • “I am honored to endorse Derek Schmidt for the office of Governor of the Great State of Kansas. There is no other individual more qualified, at a time such as this, to defend our state and lead us. Derek is a man of courage and exceptional constitutional knowledge and I don’t need to sell Kansas on why these qualities are very much needed now! We are blessed to have a candidate with the exceptional experience, the willingness, and the legal knowledge to protect us from the federal overreach that encroaches upon us, now.”
  • Les Mason – Vice Chair, Taxation
    • “”Derek Schmidt is the candidate we need to defeat our current governor and get our state back on the right track. He will make a great leader for Kansas and he has my full support.”
  • Doug Blex – Kansas State Representative
    • “Without a doubt, Kansas can trust Derek Schmidt to defend our conservative values and always fight for our great state.”
  • Lance Neelly – Kansas State Representative
    • “As a strong conservative State Representative, I have been impressed by the impact Attorney General Derek Schmidt has had. His knowledge and leadership will benefit Kansas greatly as Governor.”
  • Ron Ellis – Kansas State Representative
    • “As a former teacher, an owner of farms in Jefferson County, and a current legislator, I have known Derek Schmidt for several years and have always found him to be a principled custodian of the public trust. His pragmatic approach yields sensible and practical results aligned with Kansas values. I am honored to endorse Derek Schmidt for governor of our great state.”
  • David French – Kansas State Representative
    • “Derek is a fighter but more important is that he is well informed on the law and will protect Kansans with the law. I proudly endorse Derek Schmidt for Governor in 2022.”
  • Ken Collins – Kansas State Representative
    • “Derek Schmidt proved himself as Attorney General. He is the best choice to be the next Governor of Kansas.”
  • Joe Newland – Kansas State Representative
    • I’m very proud to endorse Attorney General Derek Schmidt for our next Governor.  His wealth of experience and knowledge of constitutional law will benefit Kansas immensely.” 
  • Ken Corbet – Kansas State Representative
    • “Derek Schmidt is a straight shooter and has done a rock solid job for Kansas as our state’s attorney general, including his staunch defense of our Second Amendment rights.”
  • Russ Jennings – Kansas State Representative
    • “Derek Schmidt has proven himself a great leader for Kansas throughout his career in public service and I’m confident he will be an excellent Governor. He is thoughtful, discerning, and always puts Kansans first. I’m proud to support him in this campaign.”
  • Tory Marie Arnberger – Kansas State Representative
    • “Kansans need a strong Republican leader to be our next Governor, and Derek is hands down who we need to defeat Laura Kelly next November. He will stand up for our values, continue to fight for our rights, and fix this mess we’re currently in.”
  • Tim Johnson – Kansas State Representative
    • “As a 31-year veteran of the criminal justice field, I have observed Derek Schmidt do more for kids and seniors than any other Attorney General in our state’s history. Derek is the leader in protecting our children and seniors, he will do even more as our governor.”
  • Adam Thomas – Kansas State Representative
    • “The time has come for us to rally behind Derek Schmidt. We need Derek to continue to fight and win for our Constitution. I believe as Governor he will do just that. I am proud to endorse my friend Derek Schmidt for Governor.”
  • Patrick Penn – Kansas State Representative
    • “”As a decorated combat veteran, I recognize strong and effective leadership when I see it. Derek Schmidt is the focused leader with the vision and values we need to propel Kansas forward. Our Kansas children deserve a fact-based, patriotic education that seeks to unify rather than divide – and Derek has been out on the forefront opposing backward, divisive, anti-American political ideologies like CRT in our classrooms. Schmidt is the uniter to bring us together and forward as Kansans.  We need Derek’s Republican leadership at Cedar Crest, and I proudly endorse him today.”
  • Marty Long – Kansas State Representative
    • ““Derek has always understood Rural Kansas and the important role it plays in our State’s economy. I look forward to electing a Governor that will benefit the interests of the entire State!”
  • Jesse Burris – Kansas State Representative
    • “Derek has worked to safeguard our communities. He joined with Legislative leaders to demand that Laura Kelly send Kansas resources to help secure our nation’s border because of the Biden Administration’s refusal to do so. Derek will make a great governor. He has my full support.”
  • Avery Anderson – Kansas State Representative
    • “Derek Schmidt is going to be a phenomenal governor for the State of Kansas. He’s done a great job as attorney general and his priorities and values are always in the right place. I’m proud to endorse him today.”
  • John Whitmer – Former Kansas State Representative
    • “I have known Derek Schmidt for over a decade and know him to be a reliable, trustworthy conservative who we can count on to defend the core fundamental principles of limited government, individual liberty, free enterprise and traditional values that Kansans hold most dear.”
Republican Party Leaders
  • Mary Alice Lair – Former Chairwoman and National Comitteewoman, Kansas Republican Party
    • “Derek Schmidt will reopen Kansas and rebuild our economy, and that’s why I’m proud to support his campaign for governor.”
  • Dr. Helen Van Etten – Former Kansas RNC National Committeewoman
    • “I’ve known a lot of candidates throughout my life, and Derek Schmidt is one of the best, most promising Kansans I have ever had the pleasure to meet. He doesn’t just talk – he gets things done.”
  • Kelly Arnold – Former Chairman of Kansas GOP
    • “Derek is a proven winner. He has won every race, even by record numbers. And he gets the job done. He sued the Obama/Biden administration and won. He’s undefeated in front of the Supreme Court, and he keeps his word.”
  • Bob Dool – Former Treasurer of Kansas GOP
    • “Derek Schmidt’s strong record as a fiscal conservative makes him the best choice to lead our state going forward. That’s exactly why I’m proud to endorse his campaign for governor.”
Law Enforcement
  • Calvin Hayden – Johnson County Sheriff
    • “Derek understands that in order for Kansas to thrive, we need to strongly support the rule of law and critical protections for all of our families. He’s the best person for the job because he has a strong record of working to uphold the law and support our law enforcement.”
  • Kendal Lothman – Kiowa County Sheriff
    • “As a lifelong Kansan, my foundational principle in life is that you always take care of your folks. I know that Derek lives by these same values because even from my first few days working with him, it was clear that he has a true passion for helping people.”
  • Brian Hill – Shawnee County Sheriff
    • “Derek understands how to win the toughest fights against the worst kinds of criminals. He has years of experience and the strong, commonsense leadership that Kansas needs to restore law and order to our great state.”
Industry Leaders
  • Steve Baccus – Former President of Kansas Farm Bureau 
    • “As the former President of Kansas Farm Bureau, I know firsthand that agriculture is the lifeblood of our great state. That’s why we need a trusted leader like Derek Schmidt who understands our values and our way of life.”
  • Wink Hartman – Businessman
    • “Conservatives in Kansas should be thrilled with the prospect of Derek Schmidt as Governor. He’s been a warrior for our cause – for life, for the Second Amendment, and for individual liberties Derek is a leader worth uniting around, and he has my full support in his campaign to make Laura Kelly a one-term governor.”

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