Kansas AG warns against charity scams in times of crisis

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Attorney General Derek Schmidt is warning Kansans to be careful with their charitable giving as scams tend to arise in times of crisis.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says everyone has been touched in some way by the events that have unfolded in recent weeks and the level of human suffering. From Hurricane Ida to an earthquake in Haiti to the evacuation of thousands in Afghanistan and the struggles of veterans, the needs of those less fortunate are apparent. He said while we all would like to give generously to ease the pain, it is important to be cautious when calls for help come through the phone, email or text.

According to AG Schmidt, his office has seen too often the tricks that scammers and fraudsters use on generous Kansans, asking for contributions that are meant to go to those that have lost homes and belongings or are in need of food and medical supplies. Recently, he said Kansas attorneys helped to shot down some scammers based in Michigan who alleged to fundraise in support of homeless veterans, children with autism, victims of house fires and breast cancer patients and getting the funds in the hands of the bona fide organizations that do that work.

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