Kansas Attorney General demands Congress to not pass legislation aimed at restricting state voting authority

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt has demanded that current proposed legislation that he said aims restrict state voting authority must not pass.

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt says he told Congressional leaders partisan election-reform legislation pending in Congress would illegally restrict the authority of the states to regulate elections and must not pass.

AG Schmidt said he joined 22 other state attorneys general in a letter to congressional leaders that opposes the measure, H.R. 4, which has already passed the House on a party-line vote and is pending in the Senate. He said the legislation would require all states to obtain “preclearance” from the federal government before election reforms such as voter identification requirements and voter list maintenance laws are enacted.

“This legislation is a misguided, clumsy, and heavy-handed effort to circumvent Supreme Court decisions, state sovereignty, and the will of the people,” the attorneys general wrote.

Schmidt said the legislation would essentially establish the U.S. Department of Justice as a national election head, telling states how to administer their elections.

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