RELEASE: Schmidt campaign launches latest TV ad featuring Kansas grandmother critical of Kelly on economy, crime, schools

TOPEKA – (October 28, 2022) – The campaign for Kansas Attorney General and Republican Nominee for Governor Derek Schmidt has launched its latest TV ad of the 2022 governor’s race. The ad will start on television on October 28, and will be a part of a sustained media campaign through the duration of the race.

The ad, called “Kathie,” features Kathie Cooper, a Wichita grandmother and retiree who is supporting Derek Schmidt because Laura Kelly is a Biden Democrat who is too liberal for Kansas.

Kathie criticizes Kelly for vetoing 20 tax cuts, including the grocery tax cut in 2019. In fact, if Kelly had signed into law the bill Republicans put on her desk that session the grocery tax  would be half what it is today and on a path to zero in January. Kathie also criticizes Kelly for calling Kansas cops racist and locking students out of classrooms

Schmidt has proposed his First 100-day Plan for a Better Kansas, which includes specific proposals to make daily life more affordable for Kansans like Kathie. Specifically, Kathie mentions Schmidt’s “Retire Tax Free” plan that will eliminate all taxes on income from Social Security, pensions, 401(k)’s, and similar retirement plans.


Transcript, Kathie speaking:

“Laura Kelly must think Kansans were born yesterday.

“Middle of the road? Give me a break!

“Laura Kelly is a Biden Democrat who vetoed 20 tax cuts, called cops racist, and locked our grandkids out of their classrooms.

“Laura Kelly is way too liberal, I’m with Derek Schmidt. 

“Derek will eliminate taxes on retirement income, and create a stronger economy. 

“Derek Schmidt listens to us.”