RELEASE: Schmidt in closing TV ad of campaign: ‘choice clear’ in governor’s race

TOPEKA – (November 2, 2022) – The campaign for Kansas Attorney General and Republican Nominee for Governor Derek Schmidt today launched its closing TV ad of the 2022 governor’s race featuring Schmidt outlining the clear choice between him and Governor Laura Kelly directly to camera. 

Schmidt contrasts Kelly’s failures with his commitment to fixing problems. 

Kelly vetoed 20 tax cuts, including the grocery tax cut in 2019. If Kelly had signed into law the bill Republicans put on her desk that session the grocery tax would be half what it is today and on a path to zero in January. 

In addition to ballooning state government spending by $6 billion annually – a shocking 35% increase since she took over as governor in 2019 – Kelly lost more than $450 million in taxpayer money to fraudsters because of sheer incompetence at her Department of Labor during the pandemic. Two years later, Kansans are still facing insurmountable wait times when they try to call the department. Kansans are having their wages garnished for unemployment benefits cashed in their name by fraudsters. 

Kelly calls herself the “education governor” and repeatedly has said she makes “absolutely no apologies” for her school lockdowns that have done immense damage to Kansas kids. More than a third of Kansas students are testing below grade level in math and reading, and a full one-third of Kansas teens are considering suicide – a 40% increase since 2015. More than 15,000 students have fled our public school system and Kansas is facing our worst teacher shortage in the history of our state

Schmidt has proposed a detailed Plan for a Better Kansas he will implement in his first 100 days as governor. Making daily life more affordable, putting parents and kids first in education, building healthier and safer communities, and growing the state – not the government – are his priorities. 


Transcript, Schmidt speaking:

“Your choice for governor is clear. 

“Laura Kelly pushed for liberal spending like Biden and vetoed 20 tax cuts – including a grocery tax cut.

“I’ll cut your taxes and put more money in your pocket. 

“Laura Kelly spent billions of dollars growing government and actually lost hundreds of millions more to fraudsters. 

“I’ll protect your money and fight inflation. 

“Laura Kelly locked Kansas kids out of their classrooms.

“I’ll give parents a real voice in education. 

“I’m Derek Schmidt and I’d be honored to earn your vote.”