Schmidt proposes repeal or reduction of grocery sales tax


November 5, 2021

(TOPEKA, Kan.) – The Legislature should eliminate or significantly reduce the sales tax on groceries in order to provide much-needed relief to Kansas families from record levels of inflation resulting from Biden administration policies, Attorney General Derek Schmidt said today in a letter to Senate President Ty Masterson and Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman. 

“If Kansas is to thrive and grow, our public policies must attract, retain, and support working families,” Schmidt wrote in the letter. “Our state must be an affordable place to live, work, and raise a family. In light of the state’s current budget situation, carefully-constructed tax relief that benefits all Kansans by eliminating or at least significantly reducing the sales tax on groceries is possible, necessary, and overdue.”

Schmidt also noted a reduction of the sales tax on groceries has been a proposal that has shared bipartisan support in Kansas, with the most significant recent consideration in 2019. That year, the Legislature approved a one-cent reduction in the sales tax on groceries, but the measure was vetoed by Governor Laura Kelly. 

At least 43 states already have the policy in place, with at least 37 levying no sales tax on groceries. At least six more states have a reduced grocery tax. Kansas is in one of no more than six states that tax grocery sales at the full rate. 

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